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CMC markets is a widely popular CFDs and Forex broker which has served the traders since 1989. It is a UK forex broker by origin and with the course of the advancement in the trading industry CMC has coped up successfully.

CMC Markets broker is a listed company on London Stock Exchange but its entities don’t cover or facilitate U.S clients. The broker is a torch bearer in the CFDs and Forex brokerage industry. Because it has been offering a fully modern and highly equipped Next Generation trading platform along with the very traditional MT4.

CMC Markets review

The broker offers 12000+ trading instruments and its educational contents are sufficient enough to make a trader learn in depth about trade executions and its functions.

CMC Markets Pros and Cons


  • UK-based regulated broker
  • 10,000+ trading instruments
  • Listed on the London stock exchange market
  • Advanced tools for risk management for the advanced traders
  • Proprietary trading platform along with MT4
  • Comparatively lower forex fees
  • Advanced and plenty of research and educational tools
  • High protection for clients’ funds
  • Fast and helpful customer service 24/5


  • U.S traders are restricted to open an account
  • For desktop only MT4 platform allowed
  • Social trading and swap-free accounts are not offered
  • Only CFDs (forex, shares, indices, ETFs, Crypto, bonds, commodities) are trading materials with Higher CFDs fees

Features of CMC markets

  • Fulfillment of client’s Trading goals

CMC markets have always taken care of its clients’ trading experience. Over time the broker is developing and bringing new innovative improvements in its overall trading services.

  • Diverse trading opportunity

There’s an immense scope to diversify your trading portfolio by choosing a variety of trading instruments like indices, Forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, shares, commodities, and treasuries. Through the spread betting and CFD instruments, you will gain an enriched trading experience.

  • Aims to Provide value for money

Tight spreads and lower margin rates are offered by CMC. While every 1 out of 2 brokers is charging higher spreads and commissions, CMC markets is offering lower spreads surpassing the market volatility.

For example- the EURUSD currency pair has 0.7 spreads, key indices like Germany40 and UK 100 have 1 point and on Gold, it’s 0.3 points.

  • Intuitive platform

We consider CMC Markets Next Generation trading platform as a unique and pioneering online trading website that has won several big fame awards. And here point to be noted is that the broker is not merely sitting quiet and enjoying the achievement. But it is dedicated to improving the Next Generation platform in terms of functions, tools, and trading instruments.

  • Mobile Trading Platform

CMC has developed its mobile trading platform for enabling traders to trade on the go. The application equally works on any mobile device like android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Dynamic charting

To analyze multiple chart types CMC markets has a host of features like technical indicators over 115, chat forum community, pattern recognition feature, and multiple chart types. 

  • One-click trading execution

CMC Markets has cutting-edge trading technology where a trade can easily enter and exit a trade just in a flash. From multiple order types, you can gauge your order execution time and process.  The one-click trade execution will enable you to trade instantly with 0 requotes.

 Any potential trading slippage in the market can be avoided by setting the order management.

  • 24 hours dedicated customer support

A dedicated customer service team will always have your back whenever you need any support while a trading market remains open. The knowledgeable team of CMC Market will assist you on any of the account-related issues, technical or trading-related factors, and counting.

  •  Three decades of an experienced broker

CMC Markets is one of the pioneers in the Forex and CFDs trading industry. The broker started to pave its successful journey in 1989 and last 30 years it has constantly served its clients dedicatedly. So, if you choose CMC you do not need to worry about its quality and standard.

  • Boosting the trading skills

CMC markets are also highly involved in educating its clients about its advanced trading platforms. For this reason, the broker has offered a range of educational materials and knowledgeable articles.

  • Demo account

Before risking your entire money on the live trading account we do suggest you trade using the virtual money and test the website and the trading account type. Through this, you will get an insight into how should you maintain the trading strategy and by which method you can hope for trading success.

  • Risk Management

To manage trading risk management CMC market has an immense range of risk-management instruments. Using the risk management plug-ins you can easily count on your trading risk.

You can utilize the risk management resources to calculate your profit and loss management strategy. If you want a guaranteed stop-loss confirmation then upgrade your account to premium mode and enjoy GSLOs service. Here GSLO stands for Guaranteed Stop Loss service.

Regulations of CMC Markets

Any forex and CFD broker is marked as unsafe without having the backup and registration of the higher governing body authorities. But no need to be worried regarding CMC broker’s regulations since the broker is regulated by the regulatory bodies from different sectors globally.

  1. FCA-  UK Financial Conduct Authority, Registration number- 173730
  2. MAS- Singapore’s monetary authority of Singapore
  3. IIROC- Canada’s Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
  4. FMA- New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority
  5. ASIC- Australia’s Australian Securities and Investment Commission  

Is CMC markets safe?

CMC Market is safe and it has a trust score of 99/99 and a trust pilot rating is 4.1 stars. The broker is safe and regulated and its website is publicly traded. The broker does not operate as a bank and it has five tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 regulators.

The tier-1 regulator means high trust, tier-2 stands for an average trust and tier-3 means low trust score.

The broker stores its client’s money in a segregated account which falls under the FCA regulation system.  CMC markets Asia-specific pty ltd offers CFD trading and securities through its online platform.

CMC market is well known as Australia’s best forex broker and has won Australia’s best value broker award for 9 consecutive years. In 2004 the broker was regulated by ASIC, launched its Sydney office in 2002, and also started its Next Generation forex broker platform in 1996.

Offerings of Investments in CMC Markets

Gladly we want to inform you that on CMC online brokerage markets you will be given the offer to trade over 12,000 trading instruments. This has broadened up the possibilities for long-term market participants and those who are portfolio managers. So, what are the elements we are getting on the CMC site?

  • 21 Cryptocurrencies
  • 11000+ shares & ETFs
  • 100+ commodities
  • 50+ Treasuries
  • 330+ Forex pairs
  • 80+ Indices

Almost all financial instruments have a pre-defined margin percentage but the only exception goes with individual shares. In terms of U.K. and U.S shares, the minimum margin requirements start from 20%. And the share margin requirements largely depend on the position size and the tier of the position size.

CMC Markets Fees

A spread is the difference between the bid and asks the price and in regards to fees, the CMC market relies on its spread offerings to its clients.

With an added premium membership you will get the guaranteed stop loss facility. But the premium membership will charge you a mandatory fee and only the Next Generation account holders can avail of the facility.

For trading individual shares or ETFs there’s a commission charge involved. And depending on which account type you are holding (CFD or Spread betting), this commission is deducted from your order execution or bid-ask price. 

CMC markets doesn’t ask for any minimum deposit value to open a live trading account. But to trade a certain volume a trader must need to top up the essential margin requirement of money.

Therefore, a trader with a larger volume of trade execution and higher account balance may get the premium membership. This premium membership brings extra facilities for the trader like- higher leverage, new products, a personal account manager, and a segregated account for account balance safety.

We need to be aware of the fact that an inactive account for up to 12 months falls under the €10 per month inactivity fee. Moreover, for trading, some CFD shares market data fee is also charged upon the traders’ account balance.

Other noticeable factors about CMC fees are- widely traded FX pairs like EURUSD, AUDUSD, and USDJPY have spread between 0.7 pips,  GBPUSD has 0.9 pips, and USDCHF has 1 pip. On the other hand CFDs as higher spreads. For example, Nasdaq and DJIA have 1 and 1.6 points spread respectively. 

The account types are also subject to margin and overnight holding costs.

CMC Markets Trading Platform

The trading platform of CMC markets consists of an MT4 and proprietary trading platform of CMC.  The MetaTrader 4 platform offers Forex and CFDs trading but it doesn’t cover the spread betting facilities.

CMC markets platform doesn’t require you to download any extra software for trading on any of the platforms with any of the account types. You can use the CMC mobile trading app for your trading flexibility. So that you can continue trading on the go!

The mobile trading app can easily be downloaded from the play store for android and iPhone users they will find the app in the apple app store.

Another easiest way to access this app is to visit the CMC markets website and the can be easily fetched from there.

The Next Generation trading platform is so flexible and easy to manage effortlessly. There’s no doubt that the CMC market is ensuring the best trading experience along with the world’s top trading instruments. 

CMC Market Account types

A trader’s flexibility increases if he is given some convenient account types keeping in mind what he is looking for. At CMC a trader is allowed to choose from  CFD, Corporate, and spread betting accounts.

So what are the features of these account types? Let’s have a study on it.

CFD account

A CFD account type has no min. deposit requirements but we would like to recommend you start trading with at least $100. The platform provides a demo account facility to test the account type before merging it into its real account.

In this account type, you need to count on commission fees which are only applicable while trading the shares and it starts from only $10. Spreads are comparatively cost-effective and start with only 0.3 points.  But we should be concerned about the overnight holding fees and market data fees

Corporate account

A corporate account type also doesn’t ask for any fixed amount of initial deposit volume rather with this account type you can trade in a tight spread (0.3 points). If we talk about the cost of this account type then trading shares will cost a commission starting from $10 and overnight holding fees and market fees are also attached to this account.  

Spread Betting account

With a $0 min deposit requirement, a spread betting account allows a trader to trade with no commissions or min. commissions charges. Although overnight holding fees are counted there are no market data fees considered.

If you are new to this platform then you can opt for practicing the trading platform from a demo account. Once you feel confident and clear about the account type then you can easily enter into real trading under this account type.

What is the account opening process of CMC Markets?

The account opening process of the CMC market is so simple and it takes only 5 easy steps to open a brand new trading account. So let’s get started and open your 1st trading account under CMC Markets.

  1. Collect the registration form from its official website and fill in the general information like 1st name, middle name and last name, address, date of birth, nationality, and phone number. In some cases, the broker may also ask about the tax status and national insurance number.
  2. Now the broker will ask you some financial services questions to check your trading skill level. Also, it will ask you to give information about your annual income and income sources.
  3. To apply the anti-money laundering regulations to the traders’ account, CMC will ask you to submit your government-issued id to verify your profile.
  4. Now that your id is verified you may proceed to deposit your account and start the real trading. Although to practice trading on a demo account you do not need to deposit any cash.
  5. Now finally to start trading login into your trading account using your username and password. Select the trading asset you want to trade, trading volume, and start trading.

Deposit and withdrawals of CMC market

Account funding and withdrawal methods of the CMC market can be done using any of the transfer methods mentioned below-

  • Credit and debit card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Paypal

What is the minimum deposit for CMC markets?

CMC Markets doesn’t ask for any minimum deposit from its clients.

Customer care support

The customer care service of the CMC market is active 24/5 and a trader can access the trading service through email, phone calls, or live chat.

In most cases, within 24 hours a trader gets his problem solved. Moreover, for quick and effective client service a huge amount of FAQ is added to the broker’s platform.

So hopefully you will get all the solutions needed for your online trading. For any kind of technical or platform-related issue, you can open the live chat and get the solution instantly.

Educational resources of CMC

CMC markets are offering its clients one of the bests educational materials in the form of written articles and tutorial videos. All the articles of CMC broker are nicely equipped with charting photos, graphs, and adequate photos to ease the hard topics for the readers.

All the video lesson tutorials are enough to make a trader confident enough about trading. Therefore, many complicated terms and topics are described in a lively manner for the trader’s understanding.

So educational section of the broker offers-

  • Educational tutorial videos
  • Demo account
  • Educational videos
  • Trading related articles
  • A bunch of webinars
  • And Glossary

Our final thoughts on the CMC Markets

CMC Markets Is an amazing trading platform for a new trader who is about to pave his way in the trading industry. One of the most attractive features of CMC broker is it has a Next Generation currency trading platform that has been laden with diverse trading instruments and a bunch of trading tools.

Since there are no deposit requirements a novice or little capital holder trader can start trading without worrying much about arranging a large sum of funds. The lower spreads and 12000+ trading instruments drive an experienced trader so excited to trade in a larger volume.

And if a trader comes across any technical or trading-related problems then 24×5 customer care service is open instantly.

In the end, we want to reassure you that, CMC broker is a well-regulated broker and it protects clients’ funds and ensures profitability, and requotes free trading.

CMC Markets FAQs

Is my money safe with the CMC market?

You can relax and be ensured of your fund’s safety since under the FCA regulation CMC keeps its clients’ funds in a segregated account. So that its platform’s fund doesn’t get mixed with clients’ money and any stealing or data loss doesn’t take place.

Can I trade using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can continue trading with a full trading atmosphere and facilities using your mobile phone as long as you have internet access. Moreover, you can trade on any of the account types of CMC effortlessly through a smart hand device like android, tablet, iPad, or iPhone.

Can I open a demo account with CMC Markets?

Yes, you can sign up for a demo trading account and trade using virtual money.

How many account types are offered by CMC?

CFD, Corporate, and Spread Betting account

What are the trading platforms offered by CMC markets?

CMC is offering MT4, Next Generation trading platform, and web and mobile trading platform.

How to fund my CMC markets account?

To top up your trading account you can use credit or debit cards, bank transfers even PayPal.

How to get started with a CMC broker?

Simply, visit the CMC broker’s website and click on the get started button. Register a live trading account and fund deposit. After that, you can execute trades.

Is CMC markets a safe brokerage platform?

CMC Markets is well-known in the trading industry as a safe broker and it is regulated by top-tier regulators like FCA and ASIC.

Can I trade cryptocurrency with CMC markets?

Obviously, you can trade cryptocurrency through a CFD account.

What is the withdrawal processing time of CMC Markets?

The withdrawal processing time of CMC Markets can vary depending on the bank account variations. The domestic bank accounts may finish the process within 1 or 2 business days. On the other side, the international bank account may hold the process for up to 5 business days.

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