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While analyzing z com trade review we have noticed it’s so difficult to get a clear insight about the broker’s review from sources available online. But don’t worry we have gathered trustworthy information by diving deep inside the company’s official websites.

So let’s read between the lines about broker.

Z.Com Forex Home

Forex is a global brand of GMO CLICK Group, a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company since 2011. UK Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) while its patron company GMO CLICK Group operates more than 100 franchise companies around the world.

Z.Com forex broker company is providing multiple trading platforms to its currency trader and it’s a publicly traded website. The broker remains open 24 hours as long as the market remains open and this turns out as a fantastic scope for the retail traders to speculate on the market.

Therefore, including retail traders, also avails its brokerage services to large companies and institutional clients.

Awards and Achievements

A broker with prestigious awards showcased on its trading website upholds its sanity to the traders.  But if a broker didn’t receive an award it doesn’t allow us to conclude that the broker has dubious service.

On z com website we couldn’t discover any awards issued by the high pride publications or organizations. But we have come through positive reviews from genuine consumers published on the top-rated review websites. For instance, z com broker has a 4.4-star review out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, a highly surveyed review platform.


  • High-speed execution
  • The regulated broker provides low-risk trading on Forex and CFDs.
  • No dealing desk broker
  • Advanced trading software and technology provided
  • Huge verities of currency and other instruments
  • Trading signals, analysis feeds and strategies offered
  • Regulated by FCA, SFC, and FSA
  • More than 10,000 users


  • Higher forex fees
  • No VPS services
  • Web trading is not allowed
  • No premium, standard, or VIP accounts allowed
  • USA traders are not allowed

Is Trade Z Safe or a Scam?

We can identify a broker safe or scam based on its regulations and licenses. If a broker is not regulated by a regulatory body for operating its services in a certain jurisdiction then it’s a very bad idea to trust and deposit funds under the broker.

One more important aspect of a broker being regulated by a regulatory body is- the regulation policy will ensure a trader’s money is safe. In case of any technical error, the trader will get the compensation facility under the regulatory body’s compensation scheme.

Since z com is regulated by FCA in the UK, JFSA, and SFC the broker is fully regulated we are assured of that. That means z com can’t be a scam broker.

However, you can be assured of your fund’s safety since the broker keeps its clients’ money in a segregated account so that it doesn’t mix with the company’s storage money. And for added safety, we may let you know z com is a global brand of GMO CLICK Holdings Inc which has been listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Why Z.Com Broker? Forex is a popular broker among traders irrespective of a new or experienced one. So what are the special factors that are convincing z com clients to open further trade execution with it over time? Here is a bullet listing of the major factors that are driving traders towards the trading platform of forex.

  • Globally renowned FX broker

Z com is regulated by FCA, SFC, and JFSA and it’s a global partner of GMO CLICK Holdings inc.

  • Minimal costs

Z com trading website makes sure fixed spreads and no transaction fees are applied with any amount of deposits. You do not need to worry about the account opening and its maintenance fees. Therefore, you can utilize the high-end trading tools completely free of cost. Indeed, there’s no minimum deposit asked even though there’s no limitation on trade executions. 

  • Mobile app

The mobile app of the z com broker made it handy for the traders to trade on the go using their smartphone ( android, iOS)

  • Education

Z com has to offer you improved trading strategies, analysis tools, and advanced resources to promote your trading knowledge and skills to the next level. Under the education program, the broker has included –

  • Walk-in appointments- you can meet the client services officers for assistance on account opening and how to use the free trading platform services.
  • Forex seminar- free regular seminars to encourage traders to discover effective trading strategies. Seminars are held to provide trading insight, market analysis knowledge, and the basic knowledge of forex trading.
  • Introduction to fundamentals and technical analysis
  • Glossary- In this part we are gettingtrading terms and phrases, an explanation of the indicators,
  • Promotional champaign

On z com forex broker’s official website often we may get stumble upon the amazing promotional announcements. Among those fantastic offers, we may get big deposit bonus offers, tight spread and fast execution offers, and so on.

  • Demo trading

A demo trading account is a vital part of forex trading and z com has brought the facility to make sure its clients can practice trading risk-free on demo accounts.

  • 24 hours support

A 24/5 customer service is open for the traders in multiple languages. A trader may access the service either by live chat, phone calls, email or call back.

  • Ultra-tight spreads

Spreads are so low and in the ECN account this starts from 0.0 pips and in the classic account, it can be 1.5 pips.

  • Powerful Technology

With the strength of powerful software which can be paralleled with any desktop, the platform enables a trader to trade without the requirement to install any trading software.

This technology includes one-click trade order, an all-in-one trading screen, and fully customizable order panels.

  • Transparent financial statements

For high standard security, transparent financial statements are published online

  • Subsidiaries

Z.Com trading platform has several patrons and these are regulated and strong with surrounded by subsidiaries like- GMO FINANCIAL HD (Located in Japan|Holding Company|Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ number 7177), BULLION ( Hong Kong|BULLION trading), GMO CLICK SECURITIES (Japan, FOREX and STOCK trading), FXPRiME by GMO (Japan | Forex Trading), Z.comGlobalMarkets ( United Kingdom | Institutional Brokerage Solutions).

Trading Instruments of Trade offers –

  • Around 59 Forex major, minor and exotic pairs
  • 7 Commodities
  • 11 Indices
  • Binary Options.

Z.Com Forex Leverage

Leverage can be a blessing and a sharp sword at the same time. Leverage enables a trader to trade in a larger position. But the profit and loss using the leverage need to be bear by the trader.

Leverage is expressed as a ratio and it supports our investment. Let us say you want to open a trade with $100,000 but you have only a $1000 deposit capacity. Now if the broker is offering 100:1 leverage you can easily open an account with $100,000 with the help of the 100:1 leverage.

 Z com trader is providing 1:200 for a professional account and 1:30 to the retail traders.

Z.Com Forex Bonus

Forex bonus is offered by a broker to welcome new clients and encourage the existing traders to trade with the broker and be consistent with it. It’s a very good branding and promotion technique for a broker.

Note that a broker can offer different types of bonuses like- welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and reload bonus.

According to our reliable sources, we are acquainted that trader is offering a €30 and a deposit bonus max $2,000.  

Account Types of forex

Z.Com broker offers different trading platforms to suit the diverse needs and flexibility of every client. All the account options of the broker differ from each other in terms of commission, spread, minimum deposit even some other attractive offers applied to the certain account type.

In terms of Muslim countries, z com is offering in-built Shariah law followed swap-free account. Since z com trader is a brokerage company of its origin company GMO CLICK GROUP a trader gets access to the account types based on the country of his residence, and regulatory authorities for the particular jurisdiction of the company.

However, as per our research, we have come to the result below about the broker’s account types-

  • Classic account

A classic account can be traded with an initial deposit of $10,000 and the Leverage is offered up to 1: 30. The base account currency supported is USD, GBP, or EUR. The account type has minimum trade size of 0.01 lots and the maximum lot size can go up to 50 lots. This account type has no fixed spread and the floating spread starts with 1 pip.

  • ECN account

ECN account also needs to be started with $10,000 and the base currency supported is EUR, GBP, and USD. The leverage ratio is 1:30 and has a floating spread of only 0 pips. But there’s a commission charge of $4 per lot and the maximum lot size is 50 lots.

  • ECN Plus account

With a minimum deposit of $10,000, you can trade 100 million and enjoy the leverage of 1:30. This account type provides 0.01 lots minimum lot size but it can be traded up to 50 lots. In this account type, the minimum spread is counted as 0, and currency like USD, GBP, and EUR works as the basic currencies. ECN Plus account has a slightly reduced commission charge of only 2.5% per lot.

  • Professional account

The professional account has almost all the features of an ECN plus account where the account should have a trading volume of 100 million per month.

A professional account has high leverage offerings which are up to 1:200. Therefore, this account has a commission charge of $2.5 per lot and the spread is floating which starts from 0 pip.

Moreover, the minimum and maximum lot size can be 0.1 lots to 50 lots highest. Here you may use any base currency from EUR, USD, or GBP.

Costing of forex (fees, commissions, spreads)

When it comes to fees and costs of broker we may observe that there’s no commission applied with trading. But the spread is only considered as a trading cost whereas there’s no cost added to the deposits.

Spreads tend to be fixed on different pairs. But a trader has the scope to choose between fixed spread and floating spread with a 30% margin callout system. But you can minimize the lot size up to 0.01 lot to cut the over costing.

Z com trader website can ensure deep liquidity flow with tight spreads over a range of instruments. On the ECN account, the spread starts with 0.0 pip and on the Classic account, it is fixed at 1.5 pips.

On major currency pairs, spreads are noticed to be 0.1 on EUR/USD, 0.2 On USD/JPY, and on GBP/USD it’s 0.6 pips.

Deposits and Withdrawals of Z.Com Forex

Z.Com deposits and withdrawals can be done using the payments methods below-

  • Credit card
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
  • Trusty

In the case of the minimum deposit of, we have reviewed the available information on several websites. So finally we came to know there is no minimum deposit requirement set by the broker.  But the minimum transaction starts to form $50 for each deposit.

Now another important picture regarding deposit is, that it is completely free of cost. But depending on your withdrawal payment methods there can be a withdrawal charge linked with the process.  

For instance, a 2.6% withdrawal fee is imposed on card transactions.

Trading Platforms of Z.Com Forex

Z com broker offers MetaTrader4 for both android and iOS. The broker has enabled trading from any device and the traders can connect FIX APIs. There’s also a chance that the trader can choose Auton, a multi-asset and Algo-ready platform.

On the Auton platform, a trader gets a range of trading instruments and financial products to trade in a single place.

Customer Support

A dedicated and highly consumer-intended 24 hours customer support can massively influence a trader’s broker choosing decision. Because in the end we all want to be heard of and want to get sufficient and proper guidance on our any troubles.

The same goes with z com trader review, when a trader finds the customer care service meeting his needs he may feel safer investing on the platform. trader has the fantastic set up to consult with its clients either by phone calls, email, callback option, and of course through a live chat.

The consumer can take the service in their preferable language since the customer care supports several major languages like English, Polish, German, Russian, and Ukrainian. And from 09:00 to 17:00 international time daily.

Final thoughts on Z.Com Forex

As per our study is concerned we are here to announce our final opinion on z com broker review. Z com broker is a vital forex trading service provider of a globally established internet solution company. The broker is regulated by the UK-based strong regulator FCA. Thus it ensures the client’s money safety and protects other private information.

The broker is offering the vastly popular MT4 trading platform with the ease of low trading costs. An experienced trader even brings evolution to his whole trading journey by using advanced trading tools and deep liquidity services.

To sum up, Z.Com Forex has different strong subsidiaries to always make it an up-to-date platform for trade lovers. Z.Com Forex broker is working constantly on the improvements of its overall brokerage services. Especially, its education and research materials are meeting the needs of the traders equally to the new currency trader and the expert scalpers.

Frequently Asked Questions Z.Com Forex

What are the trading instruments offered by z com?

Forex, Soft Commodities, Spot Metals, Oil and Indices.

What is the withdrawal processing time z com?

In local regions, it will take up to 2 to 3 business days. On the other side, international bank transfers can take several days or weeks.

How many trading platforms are available with z com website?

A trader will get four different types of trading platforms- Classic, ECN, ECN Plus, and Professional account.

Is there any withdrawal fee?

Yes, since it depends on the payment methods you are using.

Am I offered leverage by z com?

The maximum leverage offered by z com is 1:200

How can I make a deposit or withdrawal on z com?

Use wire transfer, Trustly, Credit Card, Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Debit Card, or Webmoney.

What are the possible spreads of z com?

On major pairs, you can expect to have 2.0 to 2.3 pips

What is the minimum deposit amount of z com?

The broker didn’t mention specifically the minimum deposit amount

Is there any commission charge applied with

Apparently, we don’t see any commission charge but for updated information always take the assistance of the live chat.

What are the base currencies supported by z com?

USD, GBP, and EUR are the base currencies of z com

What are the regulatory bodies of z com?

Z com is regulated by FCA, JFSA, and SFC

How many trading accounts exist on z com?

MetaTrader4 is offered by the broker

Is z com a good broker for newbie traders?

No doubt, z com is an ideal broker for new traders since it provides tight spreads, high liquidity, and low trading costs.

What is the overall rating of z com broker?

Overall z com deserves 6 out of 10 ratings

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