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With a vow to deliver the best trading service irrespective of any trading situation MTrading broker sailed its ship back in 2013. The journey of the MTrading broker is glorious and to date, the broker is operating its services in Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America.

So what MTrading broker is offering you as a well-to-do renowned broker?

MTrading Review

Well, you will get tons of trading materials to open trading positions. Among the materials, you may have currency pairs (major, minor and exotic), precious metals, indices, crypts, stocks, and fossil fuels.

So all in all as a trader you are getting a simple and easy-to-access dynamic financial market that is fulfilled with almost all kinds of trading materials. To back up our statement, MTrading broker is over there for you to offer, the state-of-art platform, competitive trading conditions, highly dedicated support team, an ever-emerging lively community, and the scope of numerous payment options.

So, in a nutshell, we can wrap up with the note that an MTrading broker is one solution for traders with diverse trading tastes and preferences.


  • Versatile supreme edition MT4 trading platform
  • Along with decent currency pairs a wide range of trading instruments
  • Dedicated high-end customer service 24/5
  • Modern innovative trading platforms.
  • Low spreads  
  • Attractive bonus
  • Affiliate income offer
  • The deposit doesn’t require any fees
  • Free demo account facility to practice trading with no risk of financial loses
  • Facility to copy trades and being a strategy manager.
  • Free of cost live market news and analytics
  • The educational articles and tutorial videos are so helpful for new traders
  • Trading tools to assist in market analysis
  • The minimum deposit is just $10


  • The broker isn’t regulated by FCA/CYSEC
  • The minimum deposit level is quite higher
  • Doesn’t allow cryptocurrencies to trade
  • Limited asset collection
  • Only the MT4 trading platform supported
  • Doesn’t accept clients from some countries like UK and USA
  • The zero PIP spreads require larger deposits


This MTrading Review is based on real testing of the M.Premium and M.Pro accounts. Besides, we have gathered some authentic information from reputable sources.

Is a regulated broker?

MTrading broker shows that the broker is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Fina Com or the Financial Commission is a third-party neutral Dispute Resolution Organization that works basically for Forex and ensures transparency, education, and paramount swiftness.

The financial commission makes sure the dispute claimed by the traders or the broker is resolved in an unbiased and quick manner. The financial commission always tries to ensure that the broker and the traders get full-founded answers after claiming every dispute. By this, a Fina Com leads a great rule on broadening the knowledge on Forex trading.

To ensure added safety, in an accordance with the industry regulation MTrading broker always keeps its clients’ money separated from its assets. The traders’ money is safely stored in a separate regulated bank account. That means a customer can always avail his money since there’s no chance of being used the money for any purpose by the broker.

Negative Balance Protection

MTrading broker offers negative balance protection security to its clients so that their account balances don’t fall into negative balance criteria. Although this negative balance protection doesn’t work in every situation. Moreover, under the Commission’s Compensation Fund the protection is given to Max $20,000.

Customer care review of MetaTrader

MTrading offers customer care services to its clients on a doorstop level. That means you can have customer care service just within seconds. When you click the ‘support’ button floating on the MTrading website it automatically opens up the live chat just within an eye blink.

The broker has also made its website so easy to understand for multilingual people or people who want to have a trading platform in their suitable language. The broker has kept the fantastic option to change the language choice among a bunch of language collections.

And you will be happier to know that the broker even delivers its customer care service through a personal account manager. This service makes a trader get help with any technical and administrative problems with properly concerned care.

To inform you more- MTrading has its customer care service open 24/7 whether it can be over the phone, email, or of course live chat.

The broker tried to cover all the basic to the complicated question answered in its Q & A or FAQ section. The broker has described every trading instrument in detail. That is the reason most traders don’t even need to look for support.

MTrading Bonus

MTrading platform grants bonuses to its clients as an extra trading facility. As a new trader, you will gain a $30 no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus. And we do consider this $30 no deposit bonus as a great chance to test the trading conditions of the broker.

At the same time if you open trading positions on M.Pro or M.Premium accounts then you will get extra privilege from the broker’s platform. To say some examples- a premium member of MTrading gets to utilize up to a $200 no deposit bonus.

One more important aspect to note down is, that all the bonuses offered by MTrading are withdrawable. But since every bonus has some hidden terms and conditions or withdrawal conditions as an intelligent trader you should skim through any terms and conditions related to the bonus offerings.

MTrading NO Deposit Bonus

MTrading offers a $200 no deposit bonus to its clients. But this $200 deposit bonus also comes with its Terms and conditions imposed on its uses. And one more thing, you will get MTrading a $200 deposit bonus only if you are a premium account holder of the broker.

Copy Trade facility of MTrading

MTrading has got an amazing concept to allure traders who are quite reluctant to trade investing their time and afford. In this scenario, a trader can take the advantage of the proprietary copy trading or PAMM account services of the MTrading broker.

In a PAMM account, a trader just needs to deposit the trading balance. Later a trading manager will take the responsibility to trade on the behalf of the client. For this trading service, a manager demands a commission charge.

Under the copy trading account, a trader can choose and copy the strategy of the top strategist. He gets the advantage to set the stop loss limit and only with a single click he can copy any market-leading strategy. So when you copy a top strategy it doesn’t give you the guarantee that the particular strategy will also for your trading style.

In this subject, you should pick up a strategy that aligns with your trading ideas and strategy. By this, you can justify if your trading is falling to the right winning path or if it is a failed attempt.

Accepted countries by MTrading

Mtrading does accept traders from many countries including India, Phillippines, Malaysia, South Africa, and Nigeria

Partnership Program

You can become a business partner of MTrading broker without investing a penny. You must be laughing at this thinking it’s a hilarious statement!

But let us assure you that MTrading has built up a fantastic opportunity for ambitious traders like you to become a partner of the broker.

Now you may ask how it can be even possible in real! Then let us explain- the broker has made an income funnel for you and by opting for being an affiliate partner you are directly helping the platform to grow on a larger scale.

In our observation, a trader can easily generate a consistent passive income through the affiliate partnership with MTrading.

Account Types

  • Cent Account

Cent accounts are ideal for traders who don’t want to trade in a big volume. This account is offering a micro lot and doesn’t ask for any high deposit. Rather than only $10 you can start trading with a minimal spread which is only 1 pip. But here you need to make sure that you are okay with a limited size of trading features and instruments along with a little trade size.

  • Premium Account

A premium account will allow you to trade in a standard lot size with spreads starting from 1 pip. This account also asks for a minimum deposit amount which is flexible in our opinion. With only $100 you can open an account and utilize more instruments compared to a cent account.  

  • Pro Account

MTrading might have been offering its best trading services in a pro account. This account has zero spreads which excites the traders who love to do scalping or automated trading to trade under the Pro account of MetaTrader.

But this account type charges a sharp $4 per trade as a commission fee. That means the more lot you are trading the more the commission charge will be charged. The account requires $500 to start trading with it which may sound like a drawback for some traders who don’t like to risk a lot.

  • Demo Account

If you are not so sure about choosing MTrading broker and want to test its trading platforms and services of your own then of course demo account is an absolute choice for you. That means without losing a single penny you can trade virtual $5000 and get the feel of online trading. Through this, you will get confidence and an overall insight into the platform. So don’t hesitate to try the demo account for free.

Product/CFD Portfolio review of MTrading

As a trader client, you will get the full freedom to choose trading materials among a wide range of trading instruments like Forex pairs, CFDs on Stocks, commodities, Metals, indices even highly liquid assets. So let’s have a quick overview of all the trading instruments available on the MTrading broker platform.


Total currency pairs- 38

Major pairs- 3

Minor- 18

Exotic- 17

Leverage for CFDs on Forex: 1:1000


Total stocks- 50+;  US (NASDAQ), GERMANY (Xetra), US(NYSE), Netherlands, France (Euronext)

Leverage: CFDs on stocks 1:10


Total indices- around 10, based on the 2020 survey

Examples: stocks and indices like DAX30, Dow Jones, etc

Leverage: 1:200


Metal commodities example- Platinum, Gold, Palladium, Silver

Energies example- WTI, Natural Gas, Brent

Leverage: 1:100


5 Major Cryptocurrencies

Example- Bitcoin (BTC/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD), Litecoin (LTC/USD)

Leverage- 1:5  


It doesn’t have ETFs as trading material

Fees & Commissions

The M.Premium account charges as low as 1 pip and an M.Pro account does ask for zero amazing pip.

But a commission charge is imposed on the M.Pro account which is per single lot 10 USD. The M.Premium account type has set very average spreads on Forex pairs. For instance, EUR/USD has spread between 1.0-1.5 pips.

When it comes to M.Pro account type then the average trading cost for EUR/USD currency pair is below 1 pip.

Here we should let you know that the MTrading broker has set specific spread criteria for both the M.Premium and M.Pro accounts. There’s no commission or zero commissions are charged on M.Premium. Similarly, an M.Pro account is charging $4 commissions on every single lot.

And we must need to state that the broker remains so transparent in terms of fees and commissions since it has portrayed its charge and commissions in detail on its contract specification page.

Payment Methods of MTrading

MTrading is a flexible broker offering almost every possible payment method for its clients. For instance, the broker is accepting payments via bank wires, credit/debit cards, 30+ local payment methods, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Most traders like the versatility and easy payment method which always draws the global traders.   

MTrading Deposit and Withdrawal

All the deposits and withdrawals are done on the Trading platform of MTrading And with 0 fees you can deposit any amount of money in your account. But on the flip side, the withdrawal process may cost some fees depending on which withdrawal method you are selecting.

The deposit time doesn’t take time at all as it just can be done instantly. On the other hand, the withdrawal processing time may vary depending on the medium of payment method.  But the point should be noted that MTrading doesn’t charge any withdrawal fee but it’s the bank account that will charge the fee to process the withdrawal from its end.

So we do suggest you check the possible withdrawal fee for particular payment methods before you submit the withdrawal request.  

Trading Platform of MTrading

MTrading traders get to use only the MT4 platform along with the upgraded supreme edition version of MT4. The traders have the facility to discover the MAM module-based PAMM accounts if they want to go for copy trading.

MT4 trading platform is so flexible for any trader to manage his account through the web-based lightweight trading platform. Or, a trader can easily choose the mobile app version of the MTrading trading platform.

If you are opting for algorithmic trading that means if you are a market leader then you may end up deciding MTrading platform. You may wonder why we have claimed this, isn’t it? well, you should know that MTrading is offering the most versatile website infrastructure even all the advanced trading solutions.

What is the account opening process of MTrading?

The trading account opening procedure is as simple as ordering pizza online. You don’t need to wait for several days for the verification process or the account approval confirmation. It takes less than 15 seconds to apply for a brand new account and the verification process is also very simple and fast.

So that means, you can start trading as soon as possible with the MTrading broker.

To open your account you do need to open the ‘register account’ option from MTrading’s official website MTrading and fill in your e-mail address, name, a valid and active phone number.

Later you need to verify your account by submitting an identity document ID and residency proof.

After that, you will be notified within a couple of minutes that your account is fully verified and from now on you can start your trading journey with the MTrading platform.

Research & Education Review of MTrading

Trading provides a brief and easy-to-understand actionable setup under the Market Insights section of the broker’s platform. The Market Insights provides trading recommendations daily.

The platform is so easy to handle in a very shortcut way since If any trouble occurs you can quickly get the problem informed and solved by taking help from the live chat. And the live chat opens within 30 seconds for delivering the fastest support to your trading journey.

You may also find the written content or articles meeting any quires related to the trading platform and the trading strategies.

Indeed, a fresher trader of the trading platform doesn’t feel overwhelmed surrounded by a hard-to-swallow trading platform. Instead, MTrading arranges webinars

MTrading Verdict

MTrading broker was born in 2013 and in this sense, it’s a still young broker in the financial trading industry. Since its trading journey around 9 years back MTrading is constantly servicing its clients with a high-quality trading platform along with profitable terms and conditions.

Currently, MTrading is servicing around 250,000 traders and from 10+ offices globally the broker is having 5,000 partners worldwide. By dint of its superb services, the broker has attained a large base of the regular trader and huge positive reviews. The basic reason behind the company having a massive number of active clients is it is so focused on its platform development and pays close attention to any kind of troubles met by a trader and solves it fast.

Therefore, a legitimate and client-dedicated broker must need to have transparency and reliability towards its customers. In this factor, MTrading has always been a transparent and legitimate broker. MTrading operates its services following the industry standards since its market positioning is towards the Asia Pacific region.

In our perspective, MTrading might get high preference from the market scalpers also the high-frequency traders who don’t want to keep open the overnight trading positions. The  M.Pro account has a competitive cost structure and this account can be ideal for any regular traders or high-risk takers.

MTrading broker has chosen some unique niches to promote its brand value. For example, the broker is offering a proprietary trading platform with the exclusive PAMM account where trading is done by the managers in a position of a trader. Also, a trader can easily take the copy trading service and it will relax their trading hassles.

Furthermore, the affiliate program of the broker encourages traders to contribute to its enlargement in terms of traders participating in the platform.

MTrading not only offers the most used and popular MT4 trading platform but also it is offering the upgraded supreme edition of MT4.

MTrading is also a perfect suit for beginner traders who don’t know much about Forex trading or who don’t have enough capital and experience in trading online. As we already know MTrading broker is offering trading recommendations to the new traders which are easy to understand and apply.

For beginner-level traders, the broker arranges webinars and detailed articles based on trading and its functionalities.

Since MTrading is offering a narrow selection of trading materials a trader who wants to try diverse trading materials might find the broker does not fit his demand.  But if you are a focused trader and interested to trade several highly liquid materials rather than wandering around a wide number of trading instruments.   

MTrading Faqs:

Is MTrading com a legit and authentic broker?

MTrading is operating its services since 2012 and it is registered in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker is also a member of the Financial Commission of Hong Kong. MTrading is regulated by FSC Belize, EFSA, and IFSC. And since its origin, the broker is servicing around 250,00 clients and partners with around 5,000.

Is trading a good or bad broker?

Definitely, MTrading is an ideal broker for scalpers and high-frequency traders. The broker offers PAMM account service and copy trading. The M.Pro account type offers competitive pricing to its clients.

What is MTrading actually?

MTrading is a Forex and CFDs broker platform established in 2013. The broker is offering research and educational materials, advanced trading platforms, and all the highly liquid trading materials. The broker is properly regulated by the Financial services authority and under the registered number 24275 IBC 2017 by the Registrar of International Business Companies.

What are payment methods are available on MTrading?

VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Perfect Money, NETELLER, Alfa-Bank, and other 30+ local payment methods

How many trading instruments are available on MTrading?

MTrading is offering Forex Currency pairs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices

Is there a partnership program available on MTrading?

Yes, you can become an affiliate partner of the broker and per referral, you can income 60% commission whenever a client brought by you deposits funds.

What are the trading platforms available on MTrading?

MT4, MT4 premium, web trading, Mobile application

Can I have the swap account facility?

If you belong to any Muslim country then you will get the swap-free account service

Is there any bonus offered by MTrading?

Yes, MTrading is offering a $30 deposit bonus and a $200 no deposit bonus for the premium clients.

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